King Canute in South America

Unfortunately, there doesn’t appear to be one.

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Anti-Corruption needs promoting

The bulk of this post was written on Monday 16th may, just as I’m turning in for an early night, it would appear things are kicking off in Venezuela big style?
I won’t have chance to update this until Saturday 21st.

On 12th May there was an Anti-Corruption summit held in London, it hit the headlines nicely in the UK, because David Cameron the British Prime Minister, was recorded, informing the Queen that two representatives of the most corrupt Nations, would be arriving for this conference. His words inferred that both Presidents were equally corrupt, which was slightly unfair on Nigerian President, Muhammadu Buhari, who has been in office just over a year and has been struggling to fight corruption, although he hasn’t actually sacked anyone for it?

Saying Afghanistan has a corrupt Government, is bad manners, in the way of, it is bad manners to state the blindingly obvious.

Corruption stems from the top, it is up to whoever is in charge, firstly not to be corrupt themselves, but also be willing to sack and allow to be prosecuted, anyone who is, corruption affects the wealth of a Nation if it is endemic.

The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela is deeply corrupt, hence why, what should be one of the world’s richest countries, is dirt poor. It floats on a sea of oil, has, dependent on your source of information, either the largest or 2nd largest oil reserves in the world. This is onshore oil, not expensive to extract off shore drilling, although there is a large amount of that too. I have been reading its constitution, well that was until I started to lose the will to live, somewhere around article 130! There are 350 articles plus amendments, so quite a lot of Micro management, and a lot of self doubt.

flag of Venezuela
Flag of Venezuela, without optional coat of arms

Everyone is supposedly equal under this Socialist Constitution, except Native Venezuelans are given, Articles 119 to 126, all to themselves, quite why it is felt Article 21 (All persons are equal before the Law) and its 4 subsections don’t quite cover the Natives, one is left wondering.

In truth I am not left wondering, it is that the whole thing is based on a fantasy, in this case the Socialist fantasy that you can impose Laws, but not ensure they are kept, by ruling party members. This leads to corruption, the Venezuelan Constitution in articles 25 to 27 guarantees, access to the Law to prosecute anyone violating the Constitution, this clearly, is not happening.

Hugo Chavez supporters insist he wasn’t corrupt,

It goes straight back to Hugo Chavez, who was the president from 1999 to his death in March 2013, and who promoted corruption, by using State funds to keep himself and his corrupt Socialist cronies in power. Hugo Chavez supporters insist he wasn’t corrupt, and that it was those around him. Well if Chavez was so Anti-corruption, why was no one sacked from office?

In Raymond Chandler’s story ‘The Big Sleep’ gumshoe Philip Marlowe, confronts the baddie, Eddie Mars, I’m paraphrasing here: Marlowe “No, Eddie Mars doesn’t kill anyone, he gets other people to do it for him. Eddie Mars isn’t corrupt, he has other people, be the fall guys.” Hugo Chavez was as corrupt as any other Politician that misuses their power, and uses money to keep power, no King Canute, he.

Big sleep Humphrey Bogart
Humphrey Bogart looking cool with cigarette, while his wife to be in real life, Lauren Bacall looks on.

Further down South America way in Argentina, Christina Fernadez de Kirchner, the Ex President has been indicted for Financial fraud, namely using the Central Bank to prop up the Peso, to keep her in Government. When you are that desperate, even the 30 days of oil reserves in the Falklands looks enticing. 30 days production for Saudi Arabia, is approximately the amount of oil estimated to be around the Falklands, about enough one would think to run a South American Presidential despot and their cronies around for a few years. Hence why she was spouting her crap about ownership of the Falklands, she was desperate. Socialist Argentina, even fell out with neighbouring Socialist Brazil, but then Argentina doesn’t seem to like anyone except perhaps, corrupt Venezuelans.

Dilma Rousseff, former President of Brazil
Dilma Rousseff, former President of Brazil

Brazil is also joining in the South American, anti-corruption fun, where the Senate voted for Dilma Rousseff to be impeached, again it is all down to corruption, oddly in this case, Rousseff is probably the least corrupt, and her downfall came when she tried having more than 360 other Senators etc impeached for corruption. All it shows is, that corruption is a way of life in South America, hence why it is so poor, and yet it should be so wealthy. The Brazilian Government is currently made up of an all white, all male Government, corrupt to the core.

This brings me back to the Danish King Canute, king of England, from 1016 through to his death in 1035. Basically England was part of the Danish Empire, and within England at this time was an area known as the Danelaw. The Danelaw was run by Canute’s bit on the side, Aelfgifu, this kept her away from Canute’s wife, Emma, who had been Aethelraed the Unready’s wife until deposed by Canute, when Canute married her. The main reason for this marriage, was to make his claim to the throne legitimate, in other words, it brought him inside the Law.

The story has Canute setting up his throne as the tide comes in,

Canute became deeply religious, and was famed for his wisdom, so much so that a story grew up, that Canute, was wise enough to know, he could only control his subjects, but not nature, like the tides or weather. The story has Canute setting up his throne as the tide comes in, and shooing back the waves, which of course kept advancing. “See the waves advance, I have no control over them, unlike my subjects.”

The Victorian text says Queen Emma.  The inscription within the drawing says Aelfgifu.  Canute's Danish born lover.  She was left in charge of the Danelaw, thus keeping her away from Canute's Queen Emma.
The Victorian text says Queen Emma. The inscription within the drawing says Aelfgifu. Canute’s Danish born lover. She was left in charge of the Danelaw, thus keeping her away from Canute’s Queen Emma.

He was so anti-corruption, that while on a pilgrimage to Rome in 1027, he sent a letter, back to England, to be read aloud in all Towns and Villages. The summary of which is ~I have all the money and wealth I need, I have no need for more, further, I pay my Sherriffs and other Government Officials very well. If any of them, are trying to extract more money, than what is due to the Crown, and pocketing it for themselves, tell me and I shall see they are punished.”

Contemporary accounts are thin on the ground, but certainly after Canute’s reign ended, he was seen as a model of probity. When William the Conqueror in 1086 commissioned the Domesday book, so that he could maximise his Tax gathering. It was the Laws of Anglo Saxon King Eadward III (the Confessor) that were used as the base point, in fact the Confessor introduced no new Laws, they were the Laws of Canute, again seen as the bench mark of probity.

In England upholding the Law and probity of governance, didn’t stop with William the Conqueror, King John famously got his comeuppance with Magna Carta, which ran down the ages and influenced the US constitution. The reasons the rich nations are rich and poor nations are poor, are complex, however one of the biggest influences, indeed a root cause of poverty, is corruption. All through the beginning of the 18th Century, in England, the free press hound those who are corrupt, and there were plenty who were, not least Robert Walpole, Britain’s first Prime Minister. A Parliamentary committee was set up to investigate the depth of the corruption. While this was never established, it did lead to Prime Ministers of the day, having the press investigating, the hacks of the day being effectively an anti-corruption squad.

a King Canute, willing to hang out to dry,

The leaders of nations can have all the anti-corruption summits they want, it is people in the various countries that are paramount, there needs to be a King Canute, willing to hang out to dry, anyone found being corrupt. This may just take the form of a free press, with a Judiciary that is independent of Government and Courts willing to allow prosecution, but everyone has to be inside the Law.

India’s economy is currently expanding at around 7%, in part due to a crackdown on corruption. The Indian people are fed up with corruption, especially among high ranking officials, but these are now being challenged and taken to court. At the top is President Modi, and by all accounts he is full square for the anti-corruption movement, certainly I haven’t come across any moves on his part, to stop or block any moves to prosecute offenders. This is as it should be, probity at the top a free press and allowing the Courts to dispense good justice, leads to a reduction in corruption. Turkey’s President Erdogan should take note, a free press means a free press, especially one that criticises a despot like him.

The South Americans and African nations, who wish to get themselves out of grinding poverty, need to learn these lessons. Indeed, China is going to have to face some awkward facts, about its so called Communist Government, namely get rid of the last remnants of this corrupt ideology. China has since the 1980s, relied on free enterprise, often wrongly labelled Capitalism, to bring itself out of poverty. To really throw off the chains of corruption, it needs to dump the Socialist or is that Fascist, or perhaps Communist claptrap, they are all the same nonsense.

roadside signage
Signs galore

Free enterprise works, but only where there is a free press, good government, to implement good laws, and allow fair competition, with as little interference as possible.

America from Mexico south and the whole of Africa, lack any of these, hence the corruption continues.


European Dilemma

Thursday 5th May 2016



Smiley Bales John Ashtone
Smiles make people happy, more than any promises made by a Politician


British Prime Minister David Cameron, has a looming European Dilema on his hands, one I suspect he realised would arise, if the Government accepted the argument, that Britain should take refugees already in Europe. That UK Parliament, and by extension the UK populace, has no faith in its European partners, to safeguard immigrants. On the one hand, Socialist Labour say Britain should be ashamed for not taking in refugees already in Europe, without realising they are saying, European States and the all important, European Convention on Human Rights, are incapable of ensuring the safety of refugees, within their own borders.

When it comes to Europe, with friends like Labour, who needs enemies.

European flags
Lots of colourful flags, plus a blue one with gold stars.

The current French Government is supposedly Socialist, and so caring, compassionate and ready to defend those in need of safety, yet apparently, the immigrant problem at Calais is, according to the French authorities, Britain’s fault.

Yes of course it is, we speak English, which most of the refugees have at least a smattering of. They also think that, if they have any children they will get a very good Education. I was always told by Socialists, that the French system of Education was far superior to Britain’s, it would seem the Socialists are not believed by the immigrants

We have a high rate of employment, so the immigrants again perceive that they stand a better chance of getting a job. This last translates as, they will be richer. It is backed up by the stories, that filter back through the immigrant grapevine, that the English in particular, but the whole of Britain in general, does not resent immigrants. Meanwhile in la belle France, for some reason many immigrants are keen to leave. This highlights the failures of Socialism, high unemployment rates, poor education, and a perceived poverty. Perception is nine tenths of reality, part of the reason that Socialism needs to be shown for what it is, not what people falsely perceive it to be.

German largesse and generosity are unsurpassed,

Things in Germany are hardly better, while to its credit the German Government, and again by extension the German people, have stepped up to the plate, in accommodating, a massive influx of immigrants during the present crisis, the stories are emerging of these immigrants not being safe. This does beg the question why. Germany is hardly some corrupt 2nd rate Nation. On the contrary anyone who has spent just a little time there will know, German largesse and generosity are unsurpassed, and they adhere to the letter of the Law, unlike many other, more Southern States, in Europe, in Germany the Law is taken seriously. So why are child immigrants in Germany not safe. The answer is probably due to the huge numbers, in such a short length of time, the authorities are in all likelihood overwhelmed and over stretched, so Britain has to help.

Here is one European dilemma Jean Claude Junkers is incapable of solving, Germany has taken around two million refugees, in the last few years, more than any other Country. Really, the two million includes, many who are immigrants with no refugee status. UK has took around 1.95 million new immigrants in the 1990s, source Migration Observatory. By my calculations, using their net figures of Immigration excluding UK Nationals, there were 3.48 Millions from 2000 to 2014, the last year for the figures. It is one of the points that most concerns the average Brit, not allowing immigrants in, but the numbers in too short at time.

a vile statement to make,

Yvette Cooper’s stupid, indeed nasty and odious statement, that Britain refusing to take the refugees from Europe, left them to a fate similar to Nazi Germany during the 1930s was, a vile statement to make, and Cameron was correct to reject any similarity.

The french can organise the Tour De France. I would suggest they can ensure the safety of immigrants.

It also showed what Labour thinks about our European allies, with friends like Labour, sorry am I repeating myself?

The Labour party’s Socialist roots are really showing through. The peroxide of Political Correctness can no longer hide the fact of Socialist hypocrisy, that Socialism is just a dream, based on fantasy, and that that dream, was always going to turn into a nightmare.
Jeremy Corbyn has been accused of acting too slowly over the admonishing of Ken Livingstone and his comment that back in 1932, the National Socialist Party (there’s a clue in the title folks) of Germany had a policy of returning Jews to what was then Palestine. Whether this ~historical fact~ was ever historical fact, is irrelevant, to a movement that is just full of hypocrisy, and members like Yvette Cooper MP, who will slur, with no provocation.

If you read Francis Bacon’s 1624 Novella, ~The New Atlantis~,

Socialism was born out of an equally stupid fantasy, Communism, and Communism was anti-Semitic from the very start, Marx was of Jewish stock, and hated it. So when he started writing his fiction, which incidentally he stole. If you read Francis Bacon’s 1624 Novella, ~The New Atlantis~, you find all the ideas for the Communist manifesto therein Bacon’s little piece of whimsy, is a much more amenable, than Marx’s odious book the Communist Manifesto, which advises that anyone disagreeing with its aims should be “eliminated”, and that children should be used to “inform” on their parents, if those parents do not conform. Marx was intent on marginalising the Jews, after all weren’t they Capitalism, personified.

Before we go further, the term Capitalism as an invective of hate, was invented by Marx. The word is made from the innocuous Capitalist, which at the time, merely meant, any person who saved enough money to start working for themselves, like cobblers, or cabinet makers as well as Industrialists like Richard Arkwright, and James Watt without whom, Marx would not have been able to write his fiction.

Ken Livingstone has been accused of anti-Semitism, and distorting history, quite where this comes from one is left wondering. Well no we aren’t, it is just when these stupid people are building their fantasy world of Socialism, they end up peering into their own fundaments.

1216 and good King Louis I of England,

If it is a crime to get history wrong, then most people are guilty, in fact most of the History you think you know, is at best half-truths. A common ‘Historical fact’ is that England has never been successfully invaded since 1066. Wrong, it has, and many times, some of them being very successful. You know Magna Carta 1215, and then 1216 and good King Louis I of England, no I’m not making that up, he was proclaimed King by his followers, although never anointed, which is a pre-requisite for being a Monarch of England, if you want more details ask her Maj.

Constitution hall Boston mass

A good trick question is, who was the first elected American President, a note here, the trick is in the question, it isn’t, first US President. With that clue you perhaps think I mean South America. No I do mean the American Colonies, but when the Colonies first declared they were seceding from Britain, they called a ’Continental Congress’, and this Congress, elected a President, Peyton Randolph, he held the office for just the few days of the Congress, he was the first American President, but as there were at that point no United States, etc etc.

So Ken Livingstone was correct I hear you say, the German Nazi party were wanting to deport, not murder the Jews, well actually I have no idea. But I hate to rain on the Socialists party, it is irrelevant, Ken went on to say that it all changed anyway, and condemned what followed. However the word from the PC brigade is, do not discuss any point in History, because we write it, and unless you only refer to the PC Official History, we will condemn you for being a supporter of Hitler, correction anti-semite. Is this the lot that a few months ago were condemning Israel for being predominantly Jewish? And supporting Palestine and its random acts of bombing of civilians. While at the same time, declaring Israel should be convicted of war crimes for defending itself, despite the fact that the Israelis did not on the face of it, randomly target civilians, of course it is, hypocrites, is the word that fits.

Despite the fact that the 5,000,000 Jews who died in the Holocaust, I have changed the number so that foolish PC brigade will condemn me for denying the holocaust, it was as nothing, compared to the mass exterminations carried out by those good Socialists, Stalin and Mao Tse Tung, 30 millions and 70 millions respectively. Are those figures accurate, I have no idea, it may only have been three million and seven million, it doesn’t matter, the point is Socialism, kills, murders and starves people to death. The hypocrisy of the Left knows no bounds. There is currently no condemnation from Jeremy Corbyn, that Socialism in Venezuela is currently starving a Nation.

Socialism has had its nasty grip on Venezuela for decades, it should be one of the richest Nations in the world, it floats on a sea of oil, not offshore expensive to extract oil (although there is a lot of that as well), this is onshore drilling. Currently the corrupt Socialist Venezuelan Government, is blaming El Nino for all its problems, despite the fact that every other Nation in South America, is coping nicely thank you.

this number includes many who died from typhoid and other diseases,

Also the ‘Official’ figure for the number who were killed in the German holocaust, is a best guess estimate, and this number includes many who died from typhoid and other diseases, however should anyone with Political affiliations say this, they will be vilified on all sides. It is actually an offence with a prison sentence in Germany, it comes under the heading of Holocaust denier, despite the fact any person pointing this out, may merely not deny the holocaust happened, but merely want some accurate details?

What is really an offence to humanity, is the fact that whilst there is a drive for a Holocaust memorial day, this excludes the reasons why, the holocaust happened. Listen in to any Holocaust memorial speech, and there will be no reminder why the people of Germany and especially Austria found it acceptable to support the extermination of Jews, Gypsies, and Gays. Induced by high reparation demands from France, this impoverished a nation with no gain to the receivers of the reparations, and led to a mindset that says it is the rich who are to blame. In other words, it was the Socialist mindset?

The Holocaust happened because nasty people, with hate as their agenda, were in control. This is not the case at the moment, but it is people agreeing to tolerate repression of free speech, that is helping people who are nasty, get a foothold in many Democratically elected countries. Naive people agree that repression of free speech is needed, they are all wrong. Free speech, means freedom of speech, no ifs or buts, yes people get upset at what other people sometimes say, yes people use speech to encourage other to commit crimes. So be it, because it also shows these people for what they are, at which point they don’t get elected, because people who were looking for the truth were allowed to listen to truth. This Country is supposed to be Democratically run, this requires free speech, we do not have it.

ABA memorial Runnymede
Technically a piece of USA in England, this is the American Bar Associations memorial to Magna Carta, one of the few places in the Country, where free speech is allowed.
Guaranteed under the US constitution.

We go to the polls today in Britain, expect a drubbing for Labour, if it happens, good riddance, Socialism is a stain on humanity, read Bacon, the tale was about Christianity, if you read the four Gospels, you will find that when it comes to Economics, Jesus immediately backs off. The Sermon on the Mount,asks you to ‘Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow, they toil not, neither do they spin.’ but then promptly tells you that God will provide, well in the sense Jesus meant it was true, if you are an individual, asking for help, in most cases it will arrive. On a macro Economic scale, Jesus is silent, which shows how wise his preaching was. When you don’t know about something, shut up. Bacon was equally silent, but then he was writing fiction. In fiction Sherlock Holmes can look at two bicycle wheel tracks and know which direction the rider was travelling, in reality it is laughable hogwash. Bacon was writing a fictional tale, about how pleasant it would be in an ideal ‘Christian world’, there was no money required, because it was fiction. Socialists just buy a world of Fiction, but trying to impose it on others causes death, and the Economics are based on a total lie, that as the rich get richer the poor become poorer, were that even nearly accurate, we would not all be wealthier than the people of the 19th Century.

The Vote on whether to stay with an unelected European Commission, or to leave and let Europe stew in its own juices, is one European dilemma still to come, it will be a laugh whatever the outcome. Laughable because it will not really change anything, Britain under the correct leadership will prosper, whether it is in the EU or out of the EU. Jean Claude Junker will get it wrong, in his statements about Britain’s future, what ever happens, and he being a joke will not understand why he got it wrong.


Brexit Opening shots


Thursday 21st April 2016
Smiley Bales John Ashtone
Smiles make people happy, more than any promises made by a Politician

Let battle commence, the Brexit electioneering has begun, the opening shots have been fired, the arguments over whether to stay or leave the European Union are officially underway. But no mention of Democracy.

Democracy not mentioned

Both sides are missing a point.
In 1975 Britain voted to stay in the ‘Common Market’, a trading block that the previous Prime Minister, Ted Heath had, bamboozled us into.
The main reason for staying in, was Trade, or more precisely the prospect of increased trade, this in turn should mean, increased prosperity.
What has happened since is nothing short of a stealthy, removal of Britain’s Democracy. Actually it is the removal of Democracy throughout Europe, but as some nations have only just adopted free Democracy, many in those places, don’t even notice it has gone. The removal was done undercover of a fake Democratic process, it is called the European Parliament, and is loosely based on the Roman Senate of the Empire period, where the Senators voted to do exactly, what the Imperator, Emperor to most people, required them to do.

Europe Political map
A colourful map of Europe.

In this case, there is no single Dictator, there is the European Commission, this is given a faux democratic veneer, because it is ‘elected’ by the European Parliament, in fact each Country has one member, posted to the exalted position. They are the ones who decide what will pass into Law. Except they aren’t, there is also the Council of Ministers (now renamed Council of the European Union) another bunch of wasters, whose job appears to be to rubber stamp what the Commission wishes them to rubber stamp, in Europe this twaddle is called Democracy, any where else it is regarded as a joke.
Yes basically the whole farrago was constructed by committee, to ensure that a few select Nazis or are they Commies, who cares, could run the whole show. This is done undercover of being elected, except they are only elected in the sense of the MEPs accepting who will be put forward, neat. The general public have no say in who stands to be elected, after all that would mean having a contest, a bit like a superannuated Eurovision song contest. This begs the question who would, Iceland, Israel, Australia, or Russia vote for, perhaps that nice Mr Donald Trump might be interested. Actually for all his faults, Donald Trouser-noises would be too honest?

Sham Democracy

On European voting the idea is this, we elect members to Brussels, they elect the European Commission and The Council of the EU, simple, except there is a large flaw in the thinking. Firstly I do not have an MEP representative, I have a Member of the Euro Parliament that was picked by central committee, and I was told which MEP would represent me, then allowed to cast a vote to confirm this, that might be loosely translated as representative Government. It isn’t Democracy, it is a sham. How do I bring the little horror to account, I do not, I cannot, this effectively puts them above the Law. How do I sue some Eurocrat in the local courts? Should the need arise, technically I can take my local MP, or any other MP, to court, if they misbehave.
I hope you are keeping track, because I may ask questions later, wake up at the back there?
My local Member of Parliament is Mary Creagh, I didn’t vote for her, but she is local, she represents my interests in Westminster, she was voted for by a larger number of people in Wakefield, then voted for those who stood against her, and while some constituencies do have outside people parachuted in, on the whole, those MPs elected in a Constituency do so to represent, that area. In other words, Mary Creagh is my elected MP, had I been an active member of her party, then I would probably have voted for her to stand, the point is, some people did vote for Mary to stand, just because I disagree with their opinions, doesn’t make her any less my representative. The day before this post, during PMQs (Prime Minister’s questions, for overseas readers) Stella Creasy the MP for Walthamstow, asked the Prime Minister about a local rape case, it would appear the alleged perpetrator is living in India, and is fighting extradition. This is quite typical of the day to day problems that MPs are asked to deal with. None of those involved, are bothered which party Ms Creasy stood for, it is a crime which needs to be brought before a court, she as the representative for Walthamstow, has raised this point in Parliament. Had we been living 600 years ago, this would have been the case. MEPs do not appear to have such a remit, which begs the question, why do we waste money in sham elections, certainly it is not modern Democracy, perhaps Brussels thinks it is post modernism?
If they are found with their hands in the till, an MP can be locked up. Had I bought a house a couple of miles down the road, my first MP would have been Eric Illsey, he was banged up, for fiddling his expenses, good riddance, but more to the point, he was not above the Law, he was tried by a court, and twelve persons of good standing, awarded him a nice prize of some porridge.

European flags
Lots of colourful flags, plus a blue one with gold stars.

£6 billion of our monies has gone missing in Brussels, that was in 2014 alone, and is not properly accounted for, where has it gone, why hasn’t Jean-Claude Junker been up before the beak, has he been asked to empty his back pocket. Just don’t have me on a jury, with him in the dock, it would be guilty as found, now what’s the accusation. And on the subject of sentencing, why don’t we still have keel hauling, it would make excellent TV, lots of laughs and satisfying into the bargain, has Junker’s only been under the Titanic (length ways) once, then have him do another couple of times, the arrogant wazzock.
Cameron is an average Politician, which means, he at least stands head and shoulders above the two previous pygmy incumbents of 10 Downing Street. The problem is, he is not up to the job of fighting our corner. It is the old joke, If I was going to the Hospital, I wouldn’t start from here.
The main problem is he is too dim witted to realise what he is standing for, namely why Britain should stay in the EU.
Is he standing for trade, he’s certainly not there for Democracy, he’s not mentioned it once to my knowledge, and on the trade front, how will our remaining in, benefit us. Answers on a postcard to, Horace Batchelor, Department X, Keynsham, Spelt, yes you know the rest. The point is, old Horace used the fact that if enough people respond to something, a few will be lucky, but the British people don’t want potluck, they want increased prosperity, and Europe because of corruption and lack of Democracy is going nowhere.
We joined a Common market, in the belief that it would increase trade, it did, past tense. We didn’t join to be dictated to, by a bunch of Nazis/Commies, fill in your own anti-democratic words here, with their own agenda.
One of the real jokes is, that fortunately the dictators in Brussels are too stupid to realise that, a corruption of Bankers (what is the collective noun for bankers?) are actually running some sections of the EU, namely Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece, and Spain otherwise known as the PIIGS countries.
Greece, being the original home of Democracy, has decided to give it up completely, and have high unemployment, and be technically bankrupt, rather than do the right thing and tell Brussels and Frankfurt to go stuff itself. Oddly these totally un-elected bankers are no worse than the other un-elected Eurocrats, ruining our lives.
If there is Democracy within the EU, why have the British people never been allowed to vote on whether they wish to be in Political system called Europe.
But if we did vote and didn’t get it right from the perspective of Strasbourg, or is that Brussels, then going by previous form, we would be bullied and told to vote again, until we did get the right answer for Brussels, or is that Strasbourg, and if it isn’t Strasbourg, what is the purpose of Strasbourg, and why am I paying for it?
Most of the sound and fury, has been around scare stories over leaving, and the dire economic consequences of doing so, but they signify nothing. The rest of Macbeth’s speech is pertinent, as in the most part, they are telling tales, and told by idiots. Some of whom should, and probably do, know better.
The French economy Minister, Emmanuel Macron says we will be ‘killed’ outside the EU, whether something was lost in translation there, perhaps he is miffed that English Supermarkets are selling straight croissants, an oxymoron if ever there was. South Korea and Brazil are hardly ignored by the likes of China, which lays the lie to the argument about being ignored. Killed, well we’ll leave that aside, but we would not even suffer serious wounds, either way, or perhaps the French are going to stop selling us their cars. Why at that suggestion, does biting nose to spite face, spring to mind, and also the words, not going to happen.
There is so much corruption within the EU, because of the lack of electoral answerability that no one can be certain, one way or t’other, whether we would gain hugely, or lose marginally by bowing out. £4,300 per household, bullshit, this is by a treasury that cannot predict next years GDP growth or fall.
Mannekin pis
All dressed up and doing the same to other Europeans, as they do to Brits, piss on us all.

There would certainly not be a huge loss, but staying in would not see real gains, there is the problem, we joined a trading block, not a Political club.
At some point lack of Democratic answerability needs to be addressed, Cameron has blown it on that score, but he is not alone, Corbyn only just seems to have woken up to the fact that socialist fantasy reigns supreme in Brussels. Until recently the Labour leader was opposed to the UK being in the EU, suddenly he seems aware that it is a none Democratic paradise quite in keeping with the principles of Stalin and Hitler and other good European Socialists, there may be no death camps, but me and thee do not have our views represented in Brussels, no matter how much the Eurocrats say otherwise.
The MPs making up Cameron’s Cabinet, were elected directly by members of the British voting public, you might not like them, but they were voted for. They were not selected from a list of insiders, and then inflicted on the citizens of this fair Isle, by a bunch of quockerwodgers, who failed as time share salespeople.
Could someone from either side, please nail their colours to the sticking post and start shouting, free enterprise requires good Democracy, if we stay, then the European Union will have to change, if we go, we gain back our Democratic rights, and probably a lot more do$h into the bargain, by way of ‘Free Enterprise’.

Bubbling under
Tata and a lack of energy.
Pension funds and an excess of Management fees.
Fake statistics coming from both sides of Brexit



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