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Thursday 21st April 2016
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Let battle commence, the Brexit electioneering has begun, the opening shots have been fired, the arguments over whether to stay or leave the European Union are officially underway. But no mention of Democracy.

Democracy not mentioned

Both sides are missing a point.
In 1975 Britain voted to stay in the ‘Common Market’, a trading block that the previous Prime Minister, Ted Heath had, bamboozled us into.
The main reason for staying in, was Trade, or more precisely the prospect of increased trade, this in turn should mean, increased prosperity.
What has happened since is nothing short of a stealthy, removal of Britain’s Democracy. Actually it is the removal of Democracy throughout Europe, but as some nations have only just adopted free Democracy, many in those places, don’t even notice it has gone. The removal was done undercover of a fake Democratic process, it is called the European Parliament, and is loosely based on the Roman Senate of the Empire period, where the Senators voted to do exactly, what the Imperator, Emperor to most people, required them to do.

Europe Political map
A colourful map of Europe.

In this case, there is no single Dictator, there is the European Commission, this is given a faux democratic veneer, because it is ‘elected’ by the European Parliament, in fact each Country has one member, posted to the exalted position. They are the ones who decide what will pass into Law. Except they aren’t, there is also the Council of Ministers (now renamed Council of the European Union) another bunch of wasters, whose job appears to be to rubber stamp what the Commission wishes them to rubber stamp, in Europe this twaddle is called Democracy, any where else it is regarded as a joke.
Yes basically the whole farrago was constructed by committee, to ensure that a few select Nazis or are they Commies, who cares, could run the whole show. This is done undercover of being elected, except they are only elected in the sense of the MEPs accepting who will be put forward, neat. The general public have no say in who stands to be elected, after all that would mean having a contest, a bit like a superannuated Eurovision song contest. This begs the question who would, Iceland, Israel, Australia, or Russia vote for, perhaps that nice Mr Donald Trump might be interested. Actually for all his faults, Donald Trouser-noises would be too honest?

Sham Democracy

On European voting the idea is this, we elect members to Brussels, they elect the European Commission and The Council of the EU, simple, except there is a large flaw in the thinking. Firstly I do not have an MEP representative, I have a Member of the Euro Parliament that was picked by central committee, and I was told which MEP would represent me, then allowed to cast a vote to confirm this, that might be loosely translated as representative Government. It isn’t Democracy, it is a sham. How do I bring the little horror to account, I do not, I cannot, this effectively puts them above the Law. How do I sue some Eurocrat in the local courts? Should the need arise, technically I can take my local MP, or any other MP, to court, if they misbehave.
I hope you are keeping track, because I may ask questions later, wake up at the back there?
My local Member of Parliament is Mary Creagh, I didn’t vote for her, but she is local, she represents my interests in Westminster, she was voted for by a larger number of people in Wakefield, then voted for those who stood against her, and while some constituencies do have outside people parachuted in, on the whole, those MPs elected in a Constituency do so to represent, that area. In other words, Mary Creagh is my elected MP, had I been an active member of her party, then I would probably have voted for her to stand, the point is, some people did vote for Mary to stand, just because I disagree with their opinions, doesn’t make her any less my representative. The day before this post, during PMQs (Prime Minister’s questions, for overseas readers) Stella Creasy the MP for Walthamstow, asked the Prime Minister about a local rape case, it would appear the alleged perpetrator is living in India, and is fighting extradition. This is quite typical of the day to day problems that MPs are asked to deal with. None of those involved, are bothered which party Ms Creasy stood for, it is a crime which needs to be brought before a court, she as the representative for Walthamstow, has raised this point in Parliament. Had we been living 600 years ago, this would have been the case. MEPs do not appear to have such a remit, which begs the question, why do we waste money in sham elections, certainly it is not modern Democracy, perhaps Brussels thinks it is post modernism?
If they are found with their hands in the till, an MP can be locked up. Had I bought a house a couple of miles down the road, my first MP would have been Eric Illsey, he was banged up, for fiddling his expenses, good riddance, but more to the point, he was not above the Law, he was tried by a court, and twelve persons of good standing, awarded him a nice prize of some porridge.

European flags
Lots of colourful flags, plus a blue one with gold stars.

£6 billion of our monies has gone missing in Brussels, that was in 2014 alone, and is not properly accounted for, where has it gone, why hasn’t Jean-Claude Junker been up before the beak, has he been asked to empty his back pocket. Just don’t have me on a jury, with him in the dock, it would be guilty as found, now what’s the accusation. And on the subject of sentencing, why don’t we still have keel hauling, it would make excellent TV, lots of laughs and satisfying into the bargain, has Junker’s only been under the Titanic (length ways) once, then have him do another couple of times, the arrogant wazzock.
Cameron is an average Politician, which means, he at least stands head and shoulders above the two previous pygmy incumbents of 10 Downing Street. The problem is, he is not up to the job of fighting our corner. It is the old joke, If I was going to the Hospital, I wouldn’t start from here.
The main problem is he is too dim witted to realise what he is standing for, namely why Britain should stay in the EU.
Is he standing for trade, he’s certainly not there for Democracy, he’s not mentioned it once to my knowledge, and on the trade front, how will our remaining in, benefit us. Answers on a postcard to, Horace Batchelor, Department X, Keynsham, Spelt, yes you know the rest. The point is, old Horace used the fact that if enough people respond to something, a few will be lucky, but the British people don’t want potluck, they want increased prosperity, and Europe because of corruption and lack of Democracy is going nowhere.
We joined a Common market, in the belief that it would increase trade, it did, past tense. We didn’t join to be dictated to, by a bunch of Nazis/Commies, fill in your own anti-democratic words here, with their own agenda.
One of the real jokes is, that fortunately the dictators in Brussels are too stupid to realise that, a corruption of Bankers (what is the collective noun for bankers?) are actually running some sections of the EU, namely Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece, and Spain otherwise known as the PIIGS countries.
Greece, being the original home of Democracy, has decided to give it up completely, and have high unemployment, and be technically bankrupt, rather than do the right thing and tell Brussels and Frankfurt to go stuff itself. Oddly these totally un-elected bankers are no worse than the other un-elected Eurocrats, ruining our lives.
If there is Democracy within the EU, why have the British people never been allowed to vote on whether they wish to be in Political system called Europe.
But if we did vote and didn’t get it right from the perspective of Strasbourg, or is that Brussels, then going by previous form, we would be bullied and told to vote again, until we did get the right answer for Brussels, or is that Strasbourg, and if it isn’t Strasbourg, what is the purpose of Strasbourg, and why am I paying for it?
Most of the sound and fury, has been around scare stories over leaving, and the dire economic consequences of doing so, but they signify nothing. The rest of Macbeth’s speech is pertinent, as in the most part, they are telling tales, and told by idiots. Some of whom should, and probably do, know better.
The French economy Minister, Emmanuel Macron says we will be ‘killed’ outside the EU, whether something was lost in translation there, perhaps he is miffed that English Supermarkets are selling straight croissants, an oxymoron if ever there was. South Korea and Brazil are hardly ignored by the likes of China, which lays the lie to the argument about being ignored. Killed, well we’ll leave that aside, but we would not even suffer serious wounds, either way, or perhaps the French are going to stop selling us their cars. Why at that suggestion, does biting nose to spite face, spring to mind, and also the words, not going to happen.
There is so much corruption within the EU, because of the lack of electoral answerability that no one can be certain, one way or t’other, whether we would gain hugely, or lose marginally by bowing out. £4,300 per household, bullshit, this is by a treasury that cannot predict next years GDP growth or fall.
Mannekin pis
All dressed up and doing the same to other Europeans, as they do to Brits, piss on us all.

There would certainly not be a huge loss, but staying in would not see real gains, there is the problem, we joined a trading block, not a Political club.
At some point lack of Democratic answerability needs to be addressed, Cameron has blown it on that score, but he is not alone, Corbyn only just seems to have woken up to the fact that socialist fantasy reigns supreme in Brussels. Until recently the Labour leader was opposed to the UK being in the EU, suddenly he seems aware that it is a none Democratic paradise quite in keeping with the principles of Stalin and Hitler and other good European Socialists, there may be no death camps, but me and thee do not have our views represented in Brussels, no matter how much the Eurocrats say otherwise.
The MPs making up Cameron’s Cabinet, were elected directly by members of the British voting public, you might not like them, but they were voted for. They were not selected from a list of insiders, and then inflicted on the citizens of this fair Isle, by a bunch of quockerwodgers, who failed as time share salespeople.
Could someone from either side, please nail their colours to the sticking post and start shouting, free enterprise requires good Democracy, if we stay, then the European Union will have to change, if we go, we gain back our Democratic rights, and probably a lot more do$h into the bargain, by way of ‘Free Enterprise’.

Bubbling under
Tata and a lack of energy.
Pension funds and an excess of Management fees.
Fake statistics coming from both sides of Brexit



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