Socialism never works


Socialism never works, it is currently destroying Venezuela, so lots of Britain’s youth cry out for it to be imposed here, why, because they know no better, and lack the wisdom that comes with age.
Venezuelan Socialist torture victim
Nicolas Muduro’s Venezuela has no regard for human right’s, these are supposedly written into the Constitution. It is a Socialist Country so they are ignored,

Socialism relies on the fantasy

That Socialism is a disaster and never works, shouldn’t come as any surprise, however Socialism does explain why people like Jeremy Corbyn and John Mcdonnell are so keen on it. Firstly Socialism relies on the fantasy that, people rioting are being Democratic, people who are dim witted believe this is good? Unless like Venezuela, where they are rioting against Socialism, in which case Socialist leader Nicolas Maduro announces the rioters must be backed up with money from the evil Capitalists, why else would ordinary people want to riot against Socialism? Perhaps they want food on the table President Maduro?

Let’s have some definitions. Socialism, it is defined as, a means of organising the Social, Economic, Political and business life of a community, based on the principals that all areas of Society should be run, on Socialist principles.

Joseph Stalin
Joseph Stalin, was responsible for the murder of over 30,000,000 Soviet Citizens. Jeremy Corbyn admires him, and has refused to condemn Stalin for his barbarous regime. & some call Corbyn a decent man?

Capitalism, well first which Capitalism, because there are two, the first was an idea by Karl Marx that there were a number of rich people who held the means of production through their accumulation of Capital (Money) and that they were intent on keeping the Proletariat (all us minor players) exploited by keeping our wages to an absolute minimum.
However there is also a second meaning for Capitalism, which is the one used by many “Capitalists” namely, free trade or Laissez faire means of economics, the two terms of Capitalism are mutually exclusive.

The problem with Socialism and why it is popular, stems from the fact that many people, who are unread, don’t realise, that Marx was writing fiction, this is why Socialism never works. There is no rich cabal of people intent on keeping wages to a minimum, in fact just the opposite, the majority of people who employ others, want the highest production and efficiency. Efficiency pays wages, the higher the efficiency of a company, the higher the wages can be of the employees. After all the higher the efficiency of each person employed, then each employee is producing higher profits, and can be paid more, while still making a higher return on Capital employed, so the owner/stockholder etc can make bigger profits.

DAF Trucks lined up
Industry makes the world richer through efficiency.

Marx was writing fiction

Marx was writing fiction, so had no time for the realities of life, so another reason Socialism never works. Like the fact that, if no one person has ownership of any particular piece of machinery, then no one is concerned what the condition of that machinery will be tomorrow, so doesn’t keep it in best order. An owner does, and makes sure their employees look after the machinery. Nor is there any concern for efficiency, so it reduces. And reduced efficiency, results in reduced productivity. Hence places like Venezuela, which has a Socialist Constitution, and floats on a sea of oil, is nearly destitute, after all, none of the oil rigs belong to anyone except the State, a Socialist failure writ large.

You can read the whole 350 articles of the Venezuelan Socialist Constitution in PDF, I suggest article 21 followed by 119 onwards for the best laughs, 21 all people are equal, sounds fair, until you read 119, indigenous people are more equal than everyone else lol. Another reason Socialism never works, it tries to be all things to all people. Article 95, any Union member may commit any crime, but cannot be dismissed from their employment? Article 95 also allows the workers to dismiss any Directors or Company Board officials they do not like? Article 112, everyone can be involved in Economic activity, as long as this is approved by a bunch of people who have no idea how to run that particular activity. Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela

they want Britain to be like Venezuela?

The above would be quite laughable, were it not for the fact that the people of Venezuela are currently starving, this is no laughing matter, except for Jeremy Corbyn and his pal John McDonnell, who support the Venezuelan Socialist Government, and they want Britain to be like Venezuela?

Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell, are hell bent on promoting Socialism, which is why McDonnell sees riots in the streets as part of Democracy. Rioting by his Socialists, to McDonnell is a legitimate part of the Socialist rise to power. What the dim wit can’t understand is that, many just see it for what it is, Fascism and Nazism. In fact he is so stupid he would be appalled that, it could be seen as Fascist, in his blinkered deluded world, Nazis are the opposite of Socialists. That Nazi was short for National Socialists, and that Hitler’s aims were to have control of the Capitalists and equal distribution of wealth and money, and so is exactly the same as his Socialism, is lost on the poor man.

Bacon Advancement New Atlantis
Francis Bacon published ‘The New Atlantis’ in 1627 according to this book?

Socialism cannot help but fail, it is based on 16th and 17th century works of fiction. If one reads Francis Bacon’s The New Atlantis, and note how this fantasy world is ordered, it is basically Socialist, but with Christianity as the mover for good, and indeed read it and then read the Communist manifesto, and you will wonder why Marx didn’t just print it and have done. That Francis Bacon did not even allude to how this world would be paid for, speaks volumes on Socialists. Bacon was writing a little Christian flight of fancy.

the rich are not rich enough

The Socialist answer on paying for this fantasy, is to say the rich will pay, well I’ll break this to the Socialists gently, the rich are not rich enough, and it is the poor who always end up paying. Another reason Socialism never works, it takes away ownership, so productivity goes down, leaving the poor poorer, and the rich with no means of creating the wealth, to pay for all the ‘Free stuff’ promised by the Socialists in the first place. When Thomas More wrote Utopia, he had no concept of how money worked, but he didn’t need to, Utopia was a work of fiction, something not based in reality.

Marx wrote fantasy, and then elaborated on it, by inventing an equally fictional economics, namely as the rich become richer the poor become poorer, codswallop of course. After over 150 years we would have a few super rich, and the rest of us would be poorer than our Victorian ancestors, clearly this is not the case.

Socialism impoverishes all, by stopping businesses making healthy profits, starves by reducing people to extreme poverty, tortures those who disagree, and blames the victims for causing the problems, and murders those, who speak out at any injustice caused by Socialism.

Minas Tirith Gandalf, Shadowfax, Frodo
Minas Tirith as envisaged in the film, but very close to the description in the book., Return of the King.

noticed something missing

Socialism is doomed to fail, it is just like imposing Tolkien’s Middle Earth, or Rowling’s world of Harry Potter in real life. So there you have Gandalf & Frodo riding into Minas Tirith, have you ever noticed something missing.
Where are all the farms, where are all the neighbouring villages that the farmers live in ,to produce the crops, that a City the size of Minas Tirith would require. Not to say, what work do people do in Minas Tirith, of course the question is irrelevant, Tolkien had invented an imaginary world, the suspension of disbelief is what takes us on our journey to the Mountain of Doom. No economics required.

Meanwhile back in the real world, and the people of Cuba, Vietnam, North Korea, live in abject poverty, and the people of Venezuela are starving, and any protesters, must be extreme right wing and so can be murdered, that is the reality of why Socialism never works, it can’t be any other way, Middle Earth could not exist in the real world, we would all starve?

Author: John Ashtone

John Ashtone, aspiring author, on Politics, Economics and History, with a few dashes of humour thrown in for good measure. I currently live in Wakefield, just south of my Home City of Leeds, both are in West Yorkshire, England.

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