Blueprint for Serfdom

Blueprint for Serfdom

In 1972 there was a special edition of the Ecologist magazine printed, called, “A Blueprint for Survival”, virtually everything it contained, was fantasy, much of this fantasy was seen as fact. Perhaps a better title would have been “A Blueprint for Serfdom.”

A Blueprint for Survival
The Original Ecologist magazine, was in blueprint blue with the words outlined as if it was a Blueprint, somehow the people at Penguin thought they could do a better job. No it isn’t, and lacks the distinctive feel of the ‘sensational’ magazine . I worked at WH Smith at the time and we couldn’t keep up with the orders. But then Erich Von Danniken’s load of fiction Chariot of the Gods had the same effect?

The thesis for A Blueprint for Survival, was the forth coming end of the world, except it forewarned that this booklet was not the end of the world, it merely foretold of one who would come and save you from the end of the world. So just like John the Baptist, it needed a Jesus and Christianity. The Jesus and hence modern Christianity is the Green movement?

Around early 1970s various ‘Scientists’ were forecasting the next Ice age, and this was taken up by the media, who are always on the look out for a sensational story to run, when the real news is thin. So having a real bogeyman in the form of A Blueprint for Survival, was like gold dust, except it was really a Blueprint for Serfdom.

Actually what these Scientists were doing, was furthering their careers, by being alarmist. Some had already published other papers saying CO2 could cause a rise in temperatures, and that pollution was the main problem for the future?

Graph showing oil running out by year 2000
Oil was predicted to run out by 2000. There were only 30 years of reserves, and these would be gone because of exponential growth. It is wrong on 2 counts, usage of Oil exceeded exponential growth, due to the like of China etc. And there is now a glut of oil, and about 30 years of reserves. But to top it off, ways of saving oil are being found all the time, plus now vegetable oil substitutes are available.

And here we come to the nub of the problem, there is now a total confusion between pollution and global warming.

To make things clear, CO2 is not a pollutant, it is as necessary for life as H2O, water. Yes there is a limit to how much CO2 should be in the atmosphere before it becomes a problem, just like having too much water, can cause flooding or other problems. However the current levels, at around 404 Parts Per Million (PPM) are way too low.

Indeed back in the Triassic period they went to around 3,000 PPM, CO2 levels in Triassic period
and sub mariners sometimes breathe air with CO2 levels in the region of 15,000 PPM. Greenhouses are usually around 1,200 PPM which is quite favourable, because this allows greater crop yields.

Here is one of the problems, the so called greenhouse effect is so named, because greenhouses have higher amounts of CO2 than the natural atmosphere. The higher CO2 levels, thus provide a better environment in which to grow plants.

Blueprint for survival graph
Here is a graph showing how nearly ALL the Earth’s resources would be exhausted by 2020.
Copper was supposedly all gone by now, again odd how we have around 20 years of reserves, not to mention ways of recovering slag from old exhausted mines. Copper was again a product that between 1980 and 2010 was consumed in higher amounts than predicted.
This is of course Capitalism at work, just what this book said was causing all the problems, but came up with the solutions, Socialism said it couldn’t. meanwhile it was Socialism failed to deliver any good whatsoever.

Now one of the arguments the so called ‘Green’ movement use is that, CO2 levels going up will be disastrous to life? Except history and science says otherwise, during the 10th to 12th centuries England grew its own grapes for wine, okay according to the French it was not very good wine, but none the less England produced its own wines, all through from the Saxon King Aethelstan to Plantagenet Henry II. Why because of what is known as, the Medieval Warm Period. MWP

There is also another problem for the so called Greens, CO2 levels don’t always follow temperature changes.
Why Clarkson upsets the greens, he’s done a little research?

More to the point, higher CO2 levels result in higher crop yields, which is why people grow Tomatoes and such like in Greenhouses? The book, Blueprint for Survival is looking increasingly shaky, which is why the so called Greens are shrieking ever louder. Hence the Bonn Climate Change Conference, virtually screaming at the world the end is nigh. No it isn’t, this Conference is just a bunch of Socialists and hence fantasists. They long for a Blueprint for Serfdom, so they can claim Capitalism is the evil baddie. The only evil baddies are the so called Greens, a nasty set of fascists, who want to starve the world.

One of the other positives of higher global temperatures, is the fact that more water is evaporated from the seas, and higher temperatures means the atmosphere can hold more water, which falls as rain.

Here’s an interesting Graph, from the Appendix, it correlates world Production with US usage, and subsequent disaster. Of course the two are unrelated, and hence no disaster. Just green shit propaganda.

Now let’s not get carried away with the idea everything will be rosy, the downside of higher water content in the atmosphere, is floods, and also hurricanes and typhoons. The Hurricanes and Typhoons are hard to combat, indeed the best way is just to batten down while they happen. But concrete is a wonderful product, as the Romans knew, and building concrete houses and places of safety is a realistic approach.

Flooding can usually be obviated, but guess what, the most flood prone places, are also the most corrupt, so will anything be done. No. Nothing to do with Democracy or Capitalism, but the so called Greens will blame Capitalism and Democracy just the same.

Corruption is the major reason for poverty, followed by Socialism, as witnessed by Venezuela, which has both. Meanwhile Bangladesh which has a totally corrupt Government and Institutions, is one of the countries most prone to being flooded

Also there is much confusion over pollution, this is usually obfuscated by blaming Capitalism for all waste? And waste is destroying the planet, this last is not quite accurate, waste is messing up the planet, yes, but destroying it, no. Having been brought up in a household where my Mother believed the WWII slogan, ~waste not want not~ was enshrined in Law, (I’m fairly certain she till thinks it is?) I have always been one for recycling where possible, and certainly I hate wastage.

Wastage is inefficient, and so to be avoided at all costs, because efficiency pays wages, so inefficiency reduces profit, and that is bad for incomes.

Micron production line
This is a pic taken from the Micron Corporation website, showing a production line. Courtesy of Micron, and they own the rights.

As a child, the chap who started Micron Corporation, the Chip manufacturer, bought some pigs and fed them on waste from local restaurants. His feed came free, and he was able to resell the fatted pigs at a handsome profit, because his overheads were nearly nil? He was saving the restaurants money by reducing their refuse removal charges, so they let him have the waste food free.

The Green movement have commandeered the idea of ‘waste not want not’ a WWII slogan used to help the UK get through its darkest hour. Energy saving was already on the agenda in the mid 1970s due to the Unions continually going out on strike, and the oil crisis, which was merely Free trade working its magic, and distributing wealth to poor nations. But also the need for efficiency, or productivity as it is more generally called. So the Greens make themselves appear on the surface to be correct, in all they say, to such an extent, they vilify any none Socialist groups as being against recycling or green policies, even when those people introduced them and fully endorse them. I am avoiding using the term left and right because that is French Politics and doesn’t translate, to UK politics in the same way. Namely Socialists are extreme right wing and left wing at the same time.

Is there a way out of all this, yes ignore Socialist and Green parties and just get on with life, and hope the CO2 levels do rise. Certainly a rise to 500PPM or even 600PPM will, on the whole, be beneficial.

The Blueprint for Serfdom won’t materialise as fact, but that won’t stop people damaging the world trying to make other people see it is true.

In the Medieval Period, the vast majority of the populace believed that God would destroy the world. Today it is merely human activity which is being blamed but still the belief is strong, and that dear reader is all it is, belief, there is no Scientific evidence that holds up to scrutiny.

Those believing in God, had and probably still do have, a much stronger argument, than the so called Greens about the destruction of life on Earth, don’t hold your breath awaiting the Blueprint for Serfdom, it ain’t going to happen anytime soon.

Author: John Ashtone

John Ashtone, aspiring author, on Politics, Economics and History, with a few dashes of humour thrown in for good measure. I currently live in Wakefield, just south of my Home City of Leeds, both are in West Yorkshire, England.

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