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Presidents Erdogan & Maduro
Why am I not surprised to find this on President Maduro’s personal Twitter account. Dictator Erdogan of turkey, chatting with Dictator Maduro

In South America, President Nicholas Maduro has put Venezuela in crisis, and it is all due to Socialism. Dictator President Maduro, has just compounded the problems in Venezuela by banning some opposition parties from standing in next years elections. In other words Democracy has ceased to exist, due to the logical conclusion of Socialism. President Maduro has overturned Article 57 which states that everyone has the right to express freely their opinions.

So no surprises there then. Venezuela has a Socialist constitution, and being Socialist it is 350 articles long, and Socialism hates ‘Free Speech’.

In Socialism, Article 21 of the Venezuelan Constitution, guarantees the equal rights of all Citizens, and Article 119 promptly overturns the said article by ensuring the indigenous population have rights over everyone else? Here’s the full Venezuelan Constitution in English

For those with better things to do than read 350 articles of guff, this constitution shows writ large why Socialism fails, and has put Venezuela in crisis. Not just the fact one article (119) overrides a fundamental basis of the modern world, it also enshrines that people who do not follow Socialism will be excluded from, enjoying freedoms of those that do, Chapter IV citizen power, which basically boils down to join the club and then stop others doing what you personally dislike. All recipes for corruption, those who just want to have a pleasant ‘un-political’ life, find they have to bribe their way to getting a decent living.

Venezuelan article 119 Constitution
Article 119 of the Venezuelan constitution ensuring indigenous people can override others with ‘their’ rights.

The reason there are 350 articles is because typically in Socialism, everything must be stated as a fact. That the US constitution manages to do so in 4,543 words which includes signatures, shows what poor thinking is behind the Venezuelan Constitution and puts Venezuela in crisis.

US Constitution relies on there being a Free and ‘Separate’ Judiciary, that this Judiciary carries out the interpretation of Laws passed by Capitol Hill. And that just like the UK, The Judiciary is independent of Government.

It is not for the President, nor, Congress, or the Senate to decide that A or B has broken the rules of the Constitution, or that by passing such and such a Law, any of the three pillars of Government, President, Congress or Senate are in breach of such. This is decided in the ‘Independent Courts’, and they came about due to some tom fool King in 1215 thinking he could be above the Law.

When England was in crisis in 13th Century, it was down to the fact that King John thought he could behave like a dictator. However without going into a history lesson on Anglo Saxon kings, and their anointment and pledge to govern their people plus Henry I and having to agree a charter of rights. England came up with the novel wheeze of enshrining in a legal document, that no person, King included, was above the Law. The first 212 words of the 4,478 words in the original Magna Carta just say this is who compiled it. The key bit is article 61, which basically boils down to, the Monarch will be brought to heal if they try being a dictator.

President Maduro has no such problems, he has the backing of a bunch of Socialist morons so can do as he likes as long as it is in the name of Socialism. Hence putting Venezuela in crisis.

Starvation in Venezuela
This was posted on 28th June 2017 on Twitter.
It highlights what is happening in Socialist Venezeula, and just like USSR and China before it, the Venezuelan people are the ones who are suffering and dying.
@WellingMichael is based in Canada and regularly tweets on Venezuelan matters.
This was posted by one of his contacts.

The Venezuelan Economy is in meltdown, the people are in poverty, and some are starving, yet Venezuela floats on a lake of oil, it should be one of the richest countries in the world, its people should be the wealthiest in the world, and yet Socialism has again, impoverished, murdered innocents and killed opponents. So why do the youth of Britain want to go down this route. Because Corbyn has promised ‘Free everything’ to them, except of course what happens is just the opposite. The average Venezuelan has no food and no money, so no taxes are paid, and guess what, all that ‘Free stuff’ turns out not to be free, but paid for by taxes. Hence why Socialism has put Venezuela in crisis.

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