Jo Johnson House of Commons
Jo Johnson has suggested Unis should be fined for stopping free speech, the argument lies much deeper.

Jo Johnson the Minister of State for Universities, has made a speech against censorship, declaring that Universities should stop the decline in free speech.

There is a major problem with this, it is the Government that is enforcing the decline in free speech, and it is doing so, by supporting the Labour Government’s continuation of censorship in all this silly legislation, declaring that there is such a thing as hate speech.

the right to voice an opinion

Firstly let’s be clear, so called hate speech is denying a person who has a differing opinion to the legislators, the right to voice an opinion, censorship. It is in its self a denial for someone with a differing view point, to have a legitimate argument with others.

London 400 AD Map
This map is a bit iffy to say the least, but gives a flavour of what you need to know.

If you have a look up Wikipedia on London around the collapse of the Western Roman Empire, so 400 AD to 450 AD, and check the population, it says around 60,000. What a load of old cobblers, if it was 15,000 it was doing well. Firstly the population density was very low, next there was definitely one farm, but possibly a few farms within the walled area. Farms and high population density are mutually exclusive. Much of the archaeological evidence for all the other Roman Cites in the 4th and 5th centuries in Roman Britannia show a sharp decline in their population. I contend that London was just the same, and that the population was around 15,000.

Subversives rounded up by Himmler pre 1939 Germany. Sound familiar?
Courtesy of Purnell’s History of WWII

Now to my point, I have argued that London was Roman, but that the population was not as high as the ‘Establishment’ says it was. Had I changed that argument to the Holocaust in Nazi Germany, there would be all hell let loose. Why because freedom of speech is being denied, some people have differing opinions. Those without an argument are the people who try and suppress free speech and propose censorship as an answer.

hate speech, otherwise known as censorship.

Their so called argument is, that it should be made illegal for people to coax others who MIGHT kill and murder, so called hate speech, otherwise known as censorship. Yet these same people support the Socialists in being able to express their hideous opinions, that ‘WILL’ kill murder and impoverish. Just as it is now doing in Venezuela, and the usual refrain goes up, no one has tried ‘true Socialism’, yes they have, and it has always resulted in murder killing and impoverishment.

‘True Socialism’ resulted in a minimum of 15 million deaths

Joseph Stalin in the late 1920s imposed compulsory collectivisation of farming, and control of all capital by the Communist party. The resultant imposition of ‘true Socialism’ resulted in a minimum of 15 million deaths and possibly as high as 30 million. The follow on story, of Mao Tse Tung doing a similar thing with the so called ‘Great leap forward’ for ‘true socialism’, between 1958 and 1962 saw as many as 70 million die, although a figure as low as 40 million has been suggested.

Russian World war 2 drinking from a stream
During WWII it is debateable which caused more deaths, Stalins Socialist policies, the Germans, or the Weather?

Yet Socialism is allowed on the platforms of the Universities, but many others with much less nasty view point are banned, that is not just censorship, that is partial censorship, it’s OK to be a Socialist and kill, but if you are not a Socialist even suggesting someone should be given a slap is censored.

Why, because one person’s opinion carries the day, and another’s doesn’t, more politically partial censorship.

the inquisition imprisoning Galileo

There is a much more serious point that Jo Johnson is trying to get across, and that censorship, leads to a decline in Scientific endeavour. Obviously the Student Unions supporting the ban on certain elements speaking in Universities, supported the Vatican and the inquisition imprisoning Galileo back in the 17th Century, after all he insulted the established religion of the time. Most of the people censored today from speaking at universities, are opposed to Socialism, or do not support it.

But censorship stifles debate all through the Universities, people are not allowed to discuss items that are deemed politically incorrect. Here is the real joke, anything that is deemed ‘correct’ only by being Politically Correct, is always totally 100% wrong and despicable. But do not expect any debate on the subject, censorship rules and so it will not be debated.

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