Career choice



How to find which career best suits your temperament.

Find a job that you will love.

These tests will answer which career suits you best.

There are lots of Job tests around t’interweb, this is a few of them. What you do for new career ideas is to go through each questionnaire, giving your likes and dislikes, and at the end, the questionnaire may suggest new career ideas and jobs that suit your temperament, likes and dislikes.

Virgin Cruises poster ad
Uncle Vernon had finally found which job suited his personality

Well the best do, some are more complicated and well thought through than others. I have noticed that the claims made seem to fit the standard of test, so none make outlandish statements about the particular job test, like ~this will change your life~ although oddly a career change just might, and many of the best jobs, don’t seem like work, they are too enjoyable to be classed as work.
If you know which job is best for you, it could change your life forever.

Look to improving your Career prospects.

I did a areer test some years back, and one of the suggestions high on the list was ~copywriter~. Alas and alack it is somethig that is easier to get into when you are under 30, not over 50/ It wasn’t until I was in my 40s that I came across this type of work, and at the time I wasn’t looking for career advice. I was doing courier work for a company that handled a lot of copy for Advertising agencies, and I had been reading the Autobiography of a chap called David Ogilvy, he was one of the partnership that started the Advertising giant Ogilvy and Mather. He mentions styles required for copywriting and how to get in the mood for it, so that you get better copy, it was only then I realised that I would probably be quite good at that, plus it was the type of work I would like. If I had known about such careers twenty years earlier, when I was considering a career change, things may have been completely different. And to go back even further, I am not sure career tests even existed when I left school?
The career test picked up on my liking for the English language, while being good at putting it into words on paper, but not as good at face to face sales. When it comes to selling, I am okay, but usually mess it up, whereas a true salesman hits the mark, this career advice test had noted that.

Career tests, help you get work.

Have a look through some of these and they should help you target where your strengths lie and which job you should aim for.

The site below is specifically for Americans, who seem to think that a web site based elsewhere, won’t give the answers they need?

This should help when job hunting, and also help with which agencies to look at, and what to put in job searches.

workmen & cherry picker
Oddly although it was freezing, these 2 guys still loved their job. It was outdoors and different places all the time.


Work Aptitude tests

Some companies may well ask you to do aptitude tests.
These are similar to the career tests, but are usually quite scientific and job specific. Companies that are wanting high grade staff for specific work, to get high grade results may well require you to do aptitude tests, these tend to follow I.Q. testing themes, namely being good at English or maths or what are known as Visual Spatial, like the ability to put square pegs in square holes, or make sets, like connecting what is not obvious in to groups.


These are Psychometric tests.

They can be very useful, it is worth noting that many of these tests don’t have a right or wrong answer and might well, lead the interviewer to suggest you look at a different type of job, for which you might be ideally suited but haven’t applied for.
Loughborough University has a guide on Psychometric tests for careers, which some companies will have you complete, before even interviewing you and runs through what they are trying to achieve and why. This might be of interest to those who like answers to why they are being asked, what they are being asked.