Snippets of English Medieval History.

Most of the content of these webpages is taken from my Medieval History books, the first one to be Published was “Dark Ages to the Vikings 410 to 1050” and was a minor success, only being outsold at one point by Michael Wood and his BBC promoted books. I have however taken it out of print to have it professionally edited, this will take some time, mainly because of the cost and also doing this part time and in between all the other projects I have going, not least earning a living?
My next Medieval History book is to be entitled “England’s Foundation”, and is about Alfred the Great, his Daughter Aethelflaed, and Grandson Aethelstan and is basically how England came into being. I try to concentrate on Aethelflaed, however because there is so little information, I have had to stretch it, and also there is so much packed into Alfred’s life that he ends up with the largest section, but more by default than my wishes. Aethelflaed is accredited with three battles against the Vikings, giving her three outright wins, and personally I think she had another battle win under her belt, that of the Battle of Tettenhall which is not attributed to any person, but where suggestions have been made, Medievalists have sided on Aethelraed Lord of the Mercians, her husband.

However seeing as he was probably on his deathbed due to a long term illness, and very unlikely to have been present, and none of the contemporary accounts actually say it was his victory, there is merely inference, I think she should have that as hers as well. My main reasoning is that for one, Women were nominally barred from being in charge in the Anglo Saxon courts at this time, yet when a few weeks later her husband dies, she is proclaimed ‘Lady of the Mercians’ and immediately accepted as being the ruler of Mercia, you don’t do that as a Woman at that point without a track record, and that means having won battles. Also the few battle facts we have, show her style of strategy, catching the opposition off guard, the Vikings knew King Eadward the Elder was on the far side of the Country in Kent, Tettenhall is in the Midlands. Also choosing the place of battle, the Vikings had been moving hard across country and will not have been as fresh as they would usually like for battle. Aethelflaed was King Alfred’s eldest child and definitely her father’s daughter, in outlook and political strategy and cunning.

Aethelflaed, the heroine of Medieval English History

Well knocking seven bells out of a Viking Army is no mean feat, and that is what I suspect she did, also she is a supreme strategist, and Political player, she was acting in concert with her brother Eadward the Elder, and it is worth noting that he did ‘nowt’ until she starts to stir things up.
Any road up, it is all in the book, Aethelflaed had adopted her Nephew Aethelstan when he was an infant, he was Eadward’s, son but not legitimate, so keeping him away from the Royal Wessex Court was probably a good political move, especially as he ends up King, again how this comes about is in “England’s Foundation”.

Since the above was first written, I have published an Ebook on King John and Magna Carta, this was to chime in with the 800th anniversary, however mainly due to the number of other books, this has not been the hit I hoped, but I shall leave it published for the duration.

This shows roughly how Britain was divided up around the period just before Guthrum starts his Viking campaign to break the Country up as he wants.
This shows roughly how Britain was divided up around the period just before Guthrum starts his Viking campaign to break the Country up as he wants.